Friday, August 14, 2009

The Grand Tour

*knock knock*

Hello? Oh, it's you! We've been waiting for you all day! Come in, come in. *holds out tray* Hungry? I've baked gingersnaps, just for you.

Here's the living room. Notice the pillows made from our high school marching uniforms. Fortunately, they have been washed before being made into pillows. I have informed Mary that the love seat next to the window is never to be given away - that is my official napping spot.

Did I mention that that Mary and I, as of last February, have been taking care of our baby?

We keep her in the living room, tucked in comfortably against the wall. She is my pride and joy, and I make sure to spend time with her every day.

Here's the dining room. It's really just a corner in our living room, but we are calling it the dining room to sound fancy. We recently discovered that one of the decorative cups on the table was full of salt from the move. And whoever installed that chandelier must be really skilled and good looking (hint: it's me).

This will be the only time in the next 9 months that you will see this desk unattended. I am savoring as much no-school time as I can before I begin at USF on the 24th. We got this desk at Ikea, which, if you've never been, is an amazing and dangerous experience. I would own a full house of Swedish-named furniture if left there unattended.

You have to admit, this kitchen is pretty rad. Mary has kept Disney in business with the kitchen gadgetry. But I saved the best part for last:

I hate a kitchen where you have to pull everything out of the cabinet to get what you need. Our solution: put in a gigantic shelving unit in the storage space next to the kitchen, and - VOILA - easy access to all the stuff you only use occasionally. I know all of these tidbits are immensely exciting to everyone (cough), but a well organized kitchen is the bee's knees.

And this is where you will be staying, in our guest bedroom. It looked really small before we added anything to it, but it ended up being a pretty good size. Just don't open the closet, or else everything will fall out of it like in cartoons.

The final room of our tour is just down the hall, so...... uh oh. I forgot. We need to ask permission first.

This is the cat's room. Access is normally restricted, but since I have a special pass, a.k.a. feeding her every day, I can get us in.

The bedroom is pretty sweet too. Who installed that sweet ceiling fan, did I hear you ask? didn't ask? Well let me tell you anyways. My Dad and I installed that sweet ceiling fan, and I gotta say, it really BLOWS.

...sorry, I had to do it.

Well, that just about wraps up our little tour. The apartment couldn't have turned out any better for us. If any of you need a little beach vacation, know that you're always welcome here. Also, thanks to all the family for helping us get this place set up!

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