Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Things First...

Darren and I decided we wanted to start a blog to keep everyone informed of our exciting life here in the Tampa area. After trying to come up with a catchy name the entire drive down here, we finally settled on one the first night in the new place. We wanted something that would reflect both of us- Sails refers to Darren's desire to own a sailboat and fairy tales refers to my love for Disney!

My parents and I arrived in Brandon on Monday about 1:00 and unloaded our two cars. Most of our stuff was in the U-Haul with Darren and Steve, who were about an hour behind us. I'm not going to lie- I was disappointed. I was exhausted from traveling for two days with my cat drugged in the backseat and from saying goodbye to all my family and friends. I really wasn't looking forward to unpacking all those boxes, and so when I opened the front door and it wasn't our old apartment in TN- I wanted to cry.

Now- 3 days later when we have all our stuff organized and clean...I'm much happier. The apartment doesn't smell funny to me anymore- it smells like our air freshener. We have cable and internet and phone- so I don't feel disconnected anymore. My cat is waltzing around the place like she owns it already- when at our old apartment, she hid under the bed for the first two weeks!

Steve flew home yesterday and my parents just left to drive back today. Darren is at orientation for his school today- which he isn't that excited for. See, his orientation is at the main Tampa campus, and he will spend most of his time at the St. Petersburg campus. So basically, he is getting to know his way around a campus he will never be on! I am hoping to have a pretty easy day unpacking the few boxes we have left and taking pictures to show everyone what our place looks like! This weekend, Darren and I are dropping everything and taking a trip to the beach- which is like 30-45 minutes away. :-) Next week...I'll be heading to Disney to see if they have any jobs available...fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on the move! I can't wait to see pictures! :)

  2. Love the title! I started a blog too for my internship
    Glad you are enjoying it, so jealous that you are so close to the beach!