Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Bums

After a week of organizing and unpacking, we decided to drop everything and head to the beach. We chose to visit Fort DeSoto beach, which is about an hour away. To get there, we had to travel on the 'Sunshine Skyway.'

After hiking to the beach and reserving chairs and an umbrella, we sat and read for hours.

While we read, we heard this rustling sound and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then, we noticed the people in front of us had left their lunch in a plastic bag and had gone out to the ocean. While they were gone, a seagull had found the bag, poked a hole through the plastic and was now eating Cheetos. I took a picture before Darren went to chase the bird away...only the bird kept coming back! We finally had to hide the bag under their towels and he still poked around for 5-1o minutes looking for the food!
Around 1, the wind started to pick up and we saw some clouds rolling in.
We packed up and made it to the car before the first drop of rain hit! Perfect timing!

Just as a note, there are two tropical storms in the Atlantic right now- Tropical Storm Ana and Tropical Storm Bill. According to the "Spaghetti String Theory", Bill is supposed to go up the East coast and Ana is going over the Caribbean. Bill might become a hurricane, but Ana is not expected to. Either way, all the Tampa weather forecasters are expecting is a bit more rain. Which, it has stormed every day we've been here. Neither storm is supposed to be anywhere near Florida until next Friday- imagine if the forecasters in Middle TN had a week to discuss the possibility of a tornado.

My aunt comes on Tuesday to help us organize some more. We also need to get Florida licenses and all that other fun legal stuff. :) Miss you guys!

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