Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Birthday Present EVER

Let it be known that Mary gives pretty great gifts. I was luckily on the receiving end this time. For my birthday, Mary bought tickets for a snorkeling tour of EPCOT's The Seas aquarium.

What can I say? She knows what I like.

The Seas Aquarium houses one of the largest single seawater aquariums in the world. If you picked up the Spaceship Earth, the large sphere that is in the center of EPCOT, it would fit inside the tank with 5 feet of room to spare on each side. Yes - THAT big. The aquarium houses a variety of animals, including dolphins, sharks, manatees, seaturtles, rays, and a wide variety of fish. It is also super great - that is a well-known fact.

It started with a quick walking tour of the facilities, and before we knew it, we were suited up in wetsuits and being thrown into the cold water of the tank. We were told not to reach out with our hands - the tank inhabitants were accustomed to being fed by divers - but nonetheless, the fish and the rays made sure to check us all out. It was a little unnerving to be swimming with the sharks, but because they're fed in the dark, they couldn't care less about the humans in the tank. Tourists inside the guest area filmed us as we swam by. The rays raced by our faces, inches away, and the sea turtles came up from the bottom to take in gulps of air. It was a truly picturesque and relaxing experience.

And I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

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