Saturday, October 3, 2009

Look at me! I'm a flippy little dolphin!

Darren and I watched "Finding Nemo" last night and laughed over this dolphin quote. Little did we know that we'd see some dolphins today! We tried to go kayaking last weekend, but I had Traditions on Saturday and the waterfront office isn't open on Sunday. We were able to go this weekend, though!

We wanted to get one of the tandem kayaks, but there wasn't one available when we got to the dock. However, a group was just coming back in and we were able to use theirs. While they were figuring out how to get out of the kayak without flipping overboard, we talked to one of the guys about where to go. He suggested going one way (to the left, if you really want to know) because he had seen some dolphins that way.

Well, we headed out in that direction. Off in the distance, I was able to see little fins in the water. Since I LOVE dolphins, my first thought was 'dolphin' not 'shark.' We stopped the kayak and had at least 3 dolphins around us. They seemed to like swimming towards us and then ducking under the kayak to come up on the other side. About this time, the dolphins were drifting away and behind us- the dolphin sightseeing boat. Never will we pay for one of these tours. We eventually continued on our journey...but we ended up coming back to the dolphin area and hanging out. Which was super cool.

This time, there were about 6 dolphins and they started to play in the waves! Seriously- they were flipping completely out of the water! It was so cool. The whole time they were about 5 feet from the kayak! Even the Coast Guard came out for their patrol and stopped to watch the dolphins. want to see pictures? Um...see there's the problem. We didn't bring the camera. BUT! I have next Saturday off...and we're seriously considering going back and taking some pictures.

Coming Soon: Halloween decorations and painting pictures!

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