Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Dream Come True...

Job searching can be frustrating- especially now that most applications are online. There is basically no way to check the status of your application besides logging in daily to see if anything has changed. I had been searching for any type of job (administrative assistant, chiropractic offices, general retail, etc.) since we moved here and hadn't heard back from anywhere. At the same time, I had been applying to Disney for different corporate and hourly jobs. Finally, last week, I finally received an e-mail (!!) to schedule an appointment for an interview.

My interview was yesterday at 9 am. I went to the Casting Center, which is across the street from Downtown Disney. The building itself is actually pretty cool.

(I didn't actually take this picture- it's not currently under construction or anything) The doorknobs on the front door are designed like the doorknob from Alice in Wonderland.

And once you are inside, there is a ramp up to the check-in area that has painted murals of Disney movies and rides. On the actual website for casting, there were only 3 positions open (Housekeeping, Custodial, and Quick Service Food and Beverage), but when I went to check-in, I was asked what areas I was interested in and was able to add Merchandise and Attractions to my list for consideration. About 9:10, five or six of us were brought into another room and watched a movie on employment at Walt Disney World. Then, we were brought to the computer lab and took an online interview. After a series of events, I met with my recruiter Beth. She asked me basic questions- verifying information and asking why I wanted to work at Disney and asking about my major. Then suddenly, she asked me where I wanted to work! My previous experience with Disney was being randomly assigned to a I was a little shocked just to be asked what I wanted to do.

I asked first for Merchandise, since my emphasis at Belmont was in marketing, but the only location available was at the cast center of merchandise- no guest interaction. Then, she looked at the Food and Beverage locations. They were all resort restaurants, and I decided I wanted to do something different, so finally, we went over the Attractions locations. I will be working at Epcot in Future World West- the Land and Living Seas pavilion, home of one of my favorite rides- Soarin'!

Since we live about an hour away from Orlando, my recruiter got me an appointment that afternoon to do all my paperwork- instead of making an additional trip! I had about 2 hours until that appointment so I went across the street to Downtown Disney and ate lunch while I called Darren, Megan, my parents, my aunt, Jill, and the TCA office to tell them the news!

That afternoon, I went to do all the paperwork and get fingerprinted. I also signed up for my Traditions class- new cast member orientation based on the history of the Disney company. It's an 8 hour class, and I'll be going on Saturday. It starts at 7:30 in the morning, and it will be at Disney University- which is located behind the Magic Kingdom and happens to be practically the farthest thing from I-4. So it will be an early morning. I'll find out about the rest of my schedule after that.

It's only part time work for now, but it's my foot in the door!

Edited to add:

I forgot to mention (or rather, I forgot to upload the picture until JUST NOW) that Darren surprised me with a celebratory ice cream dessert when I got home from Disney. Mmm...chocolate chip cookie dough- my favorite!


  1. OMG Mary!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    P and I are actually thinking about moving to Florida ourselves after the wedding. After I finished my summer alumni program, I applied for seasonal status so I could transfer easily in case we moved. :)

    Congrats on getting Soarin'! I actually have a friend who works there; his name's Jason (although he also goes by Elliot), and he's super nice.

    I hope your training goes well! And good luck getting through Traditions...or staying awake, rather. :)

  2. Hey Mary! So excited for you!! I worked at Sunshine Seasons when I was a that building. I agree, this is definitely getting your foot in the door! Hope today goes well!