Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another visit!

This weekend, Mom came to visit! Dad was running a race out in California, and so Mom flew down on Wednesday. I had to work on Thursday, and unfortunately, our pool was closed due to maintenance. While Aunt Carol was here, it rained the two days we tried to visit the pool, and while Mom was here, they had it closed! I promise- Florida has plenty of sun and our pool is quite nice.

For Christmas, Mom and Dad bought us a new couch. It's a tan/beige color, and we wanted to add some color to our living room. (I say 'we' but I really mean 'Mom and I') While Mom was here, we found some red pillows and a window treatment which Darren helped us install.

We also sewed some baby outfits, as I am hoping to start a side job of selling clothes. So if you need an outfit for a baby shower...let me know!!

Mom left earlier today, and although we were sad to see her go, I think she was rather excited to get out of Tampa when she did. Shortly after her flight left, Tampa had a huge thunderstorm, and apparently, her flight was one of the last out of our airport.

Here's a picture of us on our new couch with new window treatments!

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